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Sportfishing DVDs Founder Member

M.Y. Balancal (Madeira Marlin) are proud to be founder members of the newly launched hi-tech digital download website FishingDVDs.

Sportfishing DVDS
The innovative site allows Express Digital Delivery of your favourite Sportfishing DVDs . Basically, you can buy fishing DVDs online from the convenience of home, not having to wait for the physical delivery of the product, playing the DVDs on a computer no matter which format they were in (NTSC or PAL) and above all else not having to pay excessive courier or postal costs.

The site is the production of an international content delivery network (one of the largest in the world), an innovative Norwegian company that had developed a combined payment platform and DRM (Digital Rights Management) clearing house, the creators of a compression utility developed in a Danish university that are based in Germany, and a 'cutting-edge' website development company based in Madeira, Portugal - Navega Bem , who were responsible for the project design, programming and development.
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